About the Alliance

Since 1993 the Sierra Nevada Alliance has been protecting and restoring Sierra lands, water, wildlife and communities. Our mission is to protect and restore the natural resources of the Sierra Nevada for future generations while promoting sustainable communities.

The organization is an Alliance of conservation groups that are based or work in the Sierra Nevada region. There are over eighty member groups that span the entire 400 mile mountain range.

The Sierra Nevada Alliance unites individuals and groups behind a common vision. The Alliance envisions a Sierra where natural and human communities coexist in harmony. A Sierra where residents and visitors alike understand and value the unique qualities of the range and protect the places they love.

To continue to enjoy the Sierra and deliver this precious national and natural treasure into the hands of future generations, we need to work together.

To find out more about some of the individuals and groups that have united to lead the Alliance – our Board, Advisory Board, Staff and Member Groups – please continue to the Sierra Nevada Alliance’s website.